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At Gilley’s Custom Homes, we help you make your vision come true. We are the leading Sarasota home builders who are experienced in competitive pricing for the right property. Living in Sarasota County means you and your family get to enjoy over 30 renowned golf courses, hitting the beach for some of Florida ‘s incredible water sports, checking out the nearby Keys of Lido and Siesta or exploring the past of Ringling, Sarasota is a spot where you can still have a good time while financially keeping ahead.

Let us take you into your home of the future. Speak to a representative today to see what’s available in a neighborhood you’re searching for, or check out one of our model homes to see how you can begin living big.

Apart from building beautiful homes, we also offer the best remodeling services to the people of Sarasota County. You can entirely rely on Gilley’s Custom Homes for a reliable and exceptional experience. We are the best residential home builders in Sarasota County, FL that turn your dream home into a reality.

Since 2001, we have been redesigning and constructing beautiful houses. We are proud to be the leading home builder in Sarasota. We deliver superior-residential home builder services at the unbeatable price without compromising on the quality. For a new/remodeled house, our communities give everything you may want and provide several features many builders find upgrades. Our excellent residential home builder services always give peace of mind for years to come!

Sarasota County Home Builder

Sarasota sits on the southern tip of the Tampa metro area, hugging the Florida Gulf Coast. The city is famous for introducing golf to the United States and Ringling family’s storied home. It is also a thriving resort city with full of opportunities. If you’d like to move to Florida, you will definitely love the beautiful homes here.

When it comes to the economy of Sarasota County, it is in impressive shape. Employment growth outperforms the rest of the world while salaries are stable and climbing at the national level. When you pair this with an incredibly low cost of living, the city becomes even more desirable. The big draw is the real estate in Sarasota, Florida. Homes appreciate at an annual astronomical rate of 14.9 percent. The market remains available, with the median home price at a low of $200,000. Excellent public schools bolster home standards. Sarasota spends more on its students than the national average, a long cry from the norm in Florida. For that benefit, small classes contribute to building one of the country’s best school systems. You’ll want to buy it sooner than later before the housing prices increase quickly.