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Let Gilley’s Detached Garage Builders division add a detached garage for you. Gilley’s will assist you in the design you envision as well as pull the proper permitting to start building the foundation of your garage. Proudly servicing all of Charlotte County and North Port Florida.

Location of Your Detached Garage

Gilley’s Custom Home Builders will evaluate all aspects such as the size of garage you’re looking for, driveway location, your property lines, and topography to give you the most beneficial location for adding a garage.

Detached Garage Options

Once your concrete foundation is poured and your block walls are up there are a few choices you need to consider. First is the style roof you envision your garage to have. We always recommend matching the style of your home. Next we have to take into consideration what you plan on utilizing your garage for. Do you need electricity, plumbing, cooling system? These answers will also play a huge part in the price of building a detached garage. Once the walls are up Gilley’s will send the most respected subcontractors to continue with the framing to run any electrical and or plumbing. Last they type of garage door you’re looking to install. Pre-finished door, insulated door? There are options to choose from.

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Detached Garage Builders

Gilley’s takes the time to listen to their clients and what their needs and wants are. Through the years we’ve found clients to be extremely happy they put that extra access door in or even a few more windows. We suggest that when building a garage in South West Florida to designate a window where you’d like to possibly put an AC unit in for comfort when working in your garage during those hot months. If this design doesn’t fit into your plans you could always use a floor A/C unit, commercial preferably as they are strong enough to cool a warehouse.

Benefits of a Detached Garage

One of the most important benefits of constructing a detached garage is the worth of your home. As soon as your garage is built the value of your home just went up. Next would be the safety of working in a detached garage rather than a garage connected to your home. Garages are for your car, lawn equipment, possibly even some fun toys. A detached garage keeps your family safe inside their home giving you peace of mind when operating gas motors. Ultimately making it impossible for any gas fumes or carbon monoxide to enter the home. Last but not least if you are a business owner you could save money by using the garage for an office space.

Cost of Building a Garage

Things to consider when building a garage are how much space do you need? Most Builders will charge per square foot for a home or garage. If you’re not sure how big you’d like your garage to be we can help assist you in this. Possibly giving you a few quotes based on per square foot on two or three different garage sizes. This could help you decide which size is in your garage budged. Gilley’s can also break down your quote with the costs of extras you may be interested in such as plumbing. Making it easy for you to pick and choose which item’s you can afford. Most garages have a minimum of one window, & a two car garage motorized door. However Gilley’s garage division can help you design what suits you best.

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